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Are you an aspiring model and plan a visit in Ottawa, Canada? 

Do you have a beautiful smile? Can you pose with an expressive attitude? This is your chance, at no cost to you, to obtain your own online "password protected" gallery, filled with professionally taken "downloadable" photographs, all photoshopped to get that glamorous "magazine front cover" look.

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What I ask in return is some of your time photographing you in my studio and a signed model release so that your images could be used to sale a product or a service. If you think you have something special that would sell a product, regardless of your *age and gender and if you are still interested then read the important annotation below and take the next step after reading the instructions under Modeling Information.

*IMPORTANT: Teenagers and children under 18 years of age must have their own individual model release form signed by a parent or legal guardian and every teenager or child under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the time of the photo shoot. If you are not accompanied and you are between 18 and 25 years old, prior to the photo shoot , you must show me one valid photo ID document such as a health card, a passport or a driver license as proof of your age.

Modeling Information 

  • What do I do? Through my contact page, send me a link leading to photos of yourself such as your facebook page. Preferably, a minimum of three different themes. On one photo you could wear a business dress/suit, another it could be a glamorous evening gown or a uniform such as a nurse, if you're a man, you could dress as a construction worker, a firefighter or a football player etc... the other could be casual wear. In addition, tell me a bit about yourself...such as, what are your ambitions, your accomplishments, your experiences and why you wish to pose as a model. If you are chosen for a photo shoot, an email will be sent back to inform you and, thereafter, your session time and date will be arranged at your convenience. 

  • Important: While I can appreciate the artistic contribution of nudity in art, I do not photograph nude. In addition, I will not photograph skimpy and see through clothing.

  • What will I get? If you are chosen, a few days after the session and at no cost to you, a link leading to your own "password protected" gallery will be emailed to you. After each photo is post-processed, it will be added to your gallery for you to download at your leisure. All images can be downloaded at many chosen resolutions right up to 24MP and as many times as you want at no cost to you. Thereafter, if you wish, those downloaded photos can be burned on a CD and brought to a lab for printing.
  • If you know someone that would like to pose as a model and would like to accompany you also, have him/her go to the same process as you. I can manage up to four models per session. So many more themes can be accomplished with more then one model in the scene. 

  • Post-process: All photos are post-processed through Photoshop CS5 to get those sublime colours, that “pop” effect and that glamorous look. 

  • Location: All photo shoots are at my studio in Ottawa and its location will be given once a session has been booked.

  • Themes: Before the photo shoot, I will discuss with you about the different themes that we could produce such as a business or casual look with matching props and wether the images will be close-ups, half or full body, etc... as well as colour of backdrops. 

  • Clothing Hints: Your clothes should not blend with the chosen backdrop. Solid colours usually look better then patterns but there are exceptions. No logos allowed.

  • Group Size: My studio will allow me to photograph up to 4 adults at a time per session.

  • A model release will need to be signed. 

  • Bring a friend: Even if you are 18 years old or older, I strongly encourage you to bring a relative or a friend to the photo shoot. Maybe that friend or relative would make you comfortable and make you smile and laugh in a very special way and we certainly would want to capture that.
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